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Day 10: Yosemite to SeKi

View from Glacier Point

View from Glacier Point

As with previous trips to Yosemite, I always find it hard to leave. Have I bought enough tshirts and Ansel Adams books? Do I need another photo from Valley View or Tunnel View? I managed to tear myself away eventually, having taken the detour to Glacier Point first for the overall view of Tenaya Canyon, Half Dome, and Vernal and Nevada Falls.

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Day 9: Water in the valley

After the strain on my legs of hiking Half Dome yesterday, I wanted an easier day today. So my plan was to concentrate on what I hadn’t seen in Yosemite since 1984, that is, all the waterfalls, creeks and rivers flowing strongly with spring snowmelt.

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Day 8: Half Dome

I started writing about hiking Half Dome before I left, but didn’t get around to posting it. Here’s what I’d written:

One of the highlights of my 1996 trip to Yosemite was hiking to the top of Half Dome. I wasn’t planning on doing it again this time, until I saw these pictures of one family’s trip at around this time last year. I’ve been tempted now, so I think I should give it a try.

A few things have changed in 13 years; I’m probably not as fit, and I definitely weigh more, both of which will obviously make the hike harder.

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Day 7: 395 and Tioga Road

May Lake and Mt Hoffman

May Lake and Mt Hoffman

I’m sitting here at May Lake, listening to the thunder nearby and hoping the rain stays away (not the least so it doesn’t get my iPhone (on which I’m typing this) wet). The road to the trailhead was closed, I started late, and hiking has been slowed by banks of snow to cross, so I’ve decided against attempting Mt Hoffman, which had been the plan.

The lake itself is just thawing, and while it’s overcast, it’s still a very pretty sight.

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Sorry for the delay

We’d like to apologise to all passengers for the delay in this blog reaching the next post. This is due to a network outage currently being experienced by the author. We expect the delay to last another 24 hours at most. Braindump apologises for the inconvenience.

(Yes, there is internet access in Yosemite, but only in the Yosemite Lodge lobby and the Ahwanee Hotel, both of which are a couple of miles from where I’m staying.)

Update (2009-06-04): Sorry, it took an extra day; the wireless at Grant Grove Village was on the fritz last night.

Yosemite in September 1996

My first trip to Yosemite was in 1984 with my family, of which I have only a few memories. My second trip was by myself in 1996, and I’ve just found my travel diary from that trip. Here are some edited excerpts.

Tim on top of Half Dome

Tim on top of Half Dome in 1996

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What’s Yosemite like now?

Ahwahnee Meadow webcam

Ahwahnee Meadow webcam

There’s plenty of information about Yosemite National Park you can find with Google from the National Park Service website, Wikipedia, and so on.  But it’s a bit trickier to find out up-to-date information about what’s going on now. Here are some links that I’ve found helpful.

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Las Vegas to San Francisco: Death Valley and the Sierra Nevada

I love going on road trips, but the kind of trips I take are planned down to the day; I’ll leave the spontaneity to the younger folk.  And considering the trouble I had getting accommodation in Yosemite, it’s just as well I planned several months ahead.  Here’s the route (click through for the full details on Google Maps):

Las Vegas to San Francisco

Las Vegas to San Francisco

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Tioga Pass, May Lake and Mt Hoffman

The Tioga Road is open! This road, Highway 120, crosses Yosemite National Park from west to east, crossing the 3,031 m (9,943 ft) high Tioga Pass at the park boundary. The pass is the highest in California, so it’s understandable that the road closes over winter once the snows begin.

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Turtleback Dome and the perfect Yosemite vista

At any given moment, you’ll find the highest concentration in Yosemite of tour buses (and their occupants) at Tunnel View (sometimes known as Discovery View), which is where the Wawona Tunnel on Highway 41 enters the valley.  The reason of course is that the view there is spectacular and one of the iconic views in the park. (See for example this excellent HDR photo.) But is it the perfect vista?

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