Four lounges in one day

When I weighed myself this morning, I found I’d lost a kilogram over the past two days. While I’m in no danger of wasting (waisting?) away, a little weight loss one day should allow some weight gain the next, don’t you think? And what better way to achieve that than by visiting four airline lounges in one day!

Those of you who’ve been following along here will recall that I planned to reach Gold frequent flyer status with Qantas last year – which I did, after some effort in chasing up flight credits that didn’t post automatically. Gold status gives access to Qantas lounges (affectionately known by some as the “Qantas Pub”), where there’s food and, depending on the lounge and time of day, “drink”. But what crazy flights will allow me to access four different lounges in the one day? Well, as they used to say on The Curiosity Show, I’m glad you asked!

Today I’m flying MEL-SYD-NAN-LAX-ORD. (For those of you who aren’t airport geeks, the non-obvious airport codes there are Nadi (pronounced “nandi”, hence “NAN”) in Fiji and Chicago.) I’ve already sampled the Qantas Club and Business Lounge in Melbourne (where I had second breakfast), and I’m writing this from the International Business Lounge in Sydney (where I had fourth breakfast, having had third breakfast on the flight – no, I’m not a Hobbit!). In Nadi, I’ll have access to the Air Pacific “Tabua Club”, and then in Los Angeles, the American Airlines Admirals Club. And that makes four lounges.

As for the “in one day” bit, it’s all Tuesday 11 May, even though the sun sets during the flight from Nadi to Los Angeles, thanks to the International Date Line.

And now, they’re calling my flight…

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