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Off to DjangoCon

I’m sitting here in the Qantas Pub, er, Club, lamenting the lack of cheese, and waiting for my flight to the US for DjangoCon.

And now I’m sitting here in Honolulu, waiting for my flight to Portland. The flight from Sydney was delayed about 40 minutes due to thunderstorms on the ground, and we continued to see lightning in the distance for some time after we took off.

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Day 3: oh no, not more volcanoes!

If you’re not interested in volcanoes, have a look at this recipe for chicken with banana leaves instead.

Yesterday, the webcam at the Jaggar Museum (on display at the Visitor’s Center ) was a whiteout – you could only see cloud. When I stopped there this morning, there was actually something to see, so I headed to the Jaggar Museum as my first stop of the day.

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Day 2: volcanoes and pigs

If it’s Tuesday the 26th again, this must be Hawaii.

After all the usual hassle of arriving in a new country, taking another flight, picking up a hire car, etc., I actually started sightseeing.

The first stop was the visitor’s centre at Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. (Quick aside: if you plan your trips right, the yearly pass that you bought in 2008 and used in a few National Parks can be reused nine months later for four more National Park visits.) Everything was clouded in, so there wasn’t much prospect of seeing any great views, let along taking photos with any kind of contrast.

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