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Day 20: Golden Gate and farewell SF

Cable car turntable

Cable car just off the turntable

A number of us planned to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge today. After various delays (which we all decided were Ben’s fault), we eventually rented the bikes from just outside where the cable cars turn around.

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Day 13: Aussies everywhere in SF

Gull enjoying the view on Alcatraz

Gull enjoying the view on Alcatraz

I’ve been to San Francisco before, but have previously missed out on some of the big tourist attractions. So I’m starting today with a trip to Alcatraz, which is actually a National Park. And, as I found out, it has a much more interesting history than just the prison and escape attempts that it’s famous for.

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Day 12: Farewell to Sequoia…

… with snow??!?

When I returned from the “Internet cafe” (actually sitting in my car outside the registration area, where the wifi access is) last night, it was fairly cloudy. When I went out to brush my teeth, it was perfectly clear. Later during the might, I heard some thunder, and I woke up to what I thought was light rain. But it turned out to be this:

Overnight snow on my cabin and car

Overnight snow on my cabin and car

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