Day 12: Farewell to Sequoia…

… with snow??!?

When I returned from the “Internet cafe” (actually sitting in my car outside the registration area, where the wifi access is) last night, it was fairly cloudy. When I went out to brush my teeth, it was perfectly clear. Later during the might, I heard some thunder, and I woke up to what I thought was light rain. But it turned out to be this:

Overnight snow on my cabin and car

Overnight snow on my cabin and car

There were very small flakes falling, so small I thought it was rain and would quickly wash the night’s snow away. But as I sat at breakfast, the flakes got bigger. So I guess I’ll be driving out in it. Oh, and it’s 34 F outside.

The roads out of here are open throughout winter, so I expect if there’s enough snow, they will plough them. However, the road to Sequoia is closed, so it’s just as well the snow wasn’t a day earlier.

The drive to San Francisco took about 5 hours, with various stops along the way. The GPS navigation program I’m using on my iPhone (which has maps pre-stored, so it doesn’t need the network) can’t seem to calculate a route when travelling at freeway speeds, so the approach into SF was a bit hairy until I stopped to pay the toll on the Bay Bridge, and then it worked out the route.

I checked in to the hotel, dropped off the hire car, and the caught the BART back to town. (Dropping the car at SFO saved me a $300 one-way fee, so it was worth the extra hassle.)

Now I’m back to civilisation, I have to get my head back into gear for the start of the conference, on Monday.

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