The wonders of in-flight wi-fi

This post (and the previous one) was written and posted while flying at 33,000 feet on AA534 from PDX to DFW, thanks to GoGo Inflight Internet.

After my credit card wasn’t accepted when attempting to pay, their helpful text chat help service attempted to troubleshoot the problem, and in the end just gave up and supplied me with a coupon code to get free wi-fi for this flight. So, while GoGo needs to fix their credit card handling, at least they score full marks for customer support.

What can you do while surfing the intertubes at 33,000 feet? Well, apart from all the usual things, you can check where you are with FlightAware (note that that link takes you to the page for the current flight AA534, on whatever day you’re reading this). As we’ve only got 29 minutes of flight left, I’d better hurry up and post this.

FightAware also shows you where you’ve been. (Note that that link will probably expire around 2009-11-18.)

We’re starting to descend, so it’s post time, or my first sentence will be a lie!

UPDATE: The internet is still on, so here’s a picture:


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