T minus 3 days

With three days to go, I’ve now:

  • booked my last two nights’ accommodation
  • worked out all the different carry-on and checked baggage allowances for my flights (Qantas domestic, Jetstar Starclass, Hawaiian Interisland, Hawaiian to the mainland, and Qantas international Premium Economy), so I know how much I can take, and how much I can buy there
  • bought some more socks.

Packing is the big job ahead of me, which will happen on Monday, since I’m busy with other things all day tomorrow.  Luckily I’ve already done some work updating my packing spreadsheet. (What do you mean you pack without using a spreadsheet??!?)

And, true to form, a server at work has already protested my impending absence by losing a hard disk; luckily I’m on leave, so it’s not my responsibility to fix it (sorry Geoff).

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