T minus 4 days

In four days time, I’ll be en route to Hawaii, for the first leg of my US trip.  Here’s the overview of the trip:

  • 3 days on Hawaii (the big island), poking around volcanoes
  • 8 day road trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco
  • 7 days in San Francisco, including attending WWDC 2009.
  • 3 day road trip to Los Angeles

The main reason for the trip is attending WWDC, which I’m doing courtesy of a scholarship from AUC, the Australian Apple University Consortium. But I always believe that if you’re going to spend 15 hours on a place crossing the Pacific, you should always make the trip worthwhile with a bit of sightseeing. (I’ve been lucky enough to do trips like this for the past three years running; I should do a proper write up of them one day, I suppose.)

With less than four days to go, I’ve booked most of my travel and accommodation (except for the last two nights). By the way, I heartily recommend Tripit for organising your travel details and assembling an itinerary; you forward your booking confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, and they automatically grab the details and add them into your itinerary.

All that remains before I leave is working out my plans for each day (yes, I really do plan each day’s activities in advance), and completing my packing – more on that another time. Oh, and four games of ice hockey to officiate, some singing, and a last minute family get together, but you don’t want to hear about that…

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